A great range of options offering you a high standard of dental treatment in Cracow/ Krakow to help you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile. You can get it with us at a reasonable price.

What are we offering? 

Complex procedures of dental care. 

dentist in Poland

The dental treatment:

  • to restore or replace a tooth that has been lost or damaged (e.g. bridges, dentures, crowns, dental implants) 
  • to improve the appearance, health and function of teeth (e.g. bonding, veneers, crowns, fillings, root canal treatment, teeth whitening) 

Our dentists offer you a comprehensive range of services, from specialist consultations, dental check-ups, tooth whitening, to root canal treatment, implants, micro implants, veneers, crowns, dentures and bridges. We are working with dentists who are experts in their fields. 

Full dental check up with diagnostics (e.g. x-ray)

Preventive care and gum disease treatment

•       Dental hygienic treatment

Cosmetic dentistry (smile makeover)

Tooth whitening

Dental surgery

Root canal treatment (with Endodontist)

•       Inlay/onlay

Dental implants

•       Mini implant 

Dental crowns 

Dental veneers 

Dentures & dental bridges

If you didn’t find what you need, please contact us

At what price?

The cost of dental treatment is very attractive in Cracow/ Krakow (Poland) compared to in many other European destinations. 

Now it is easy to save money without loosing on professional and high quality dental treatment. 

You can access to high-quality and affordable dental care (meet dentists in Poland who are experts in their fields). You will find care what you'd expect at home, but it can cost up to 40% - 80% less than you're used to paying. 

Below you can find example of price list for the some dental treatments. 

royal med tour price list

Our prices depend on the type of treatment and currency exchange rate.  

Ask us about your individualised offers and out the contact form.

What quality can you expect? 

  • Having state-of-the art facilities for dentistry,
  • Pain-free treatment (Computer Anaesthesia STA Wand), 
  • Highest quality of materials, 
  • Specialized medical knowledge,
  • Over 10 years of experience,  
  • Easy access to one of the best dental laboratory- the key of prosthetic treatments. 

Our dentists in Cracow (Poland) offer you professional high quality treatment you both expect and deserve.  


Dentists in Krakow

Contact us via contact form we will be able to prepare a preliminary dental treatment plan, cost estimate and stages of your dental procedures. 


Metal ceramic crown (ceramic fused to metal crown) 195 GBP / 220 EUR

Fully ceramic crown (metal-free ceramic crown) 269 GBP / 299 EUR

Full-ceramic Zirconium crown         310 GBP / 255 EUR

Porcelain Veneer (metal-free ceramic veneer) from 199 GBP / 219 EUR

Teeth Whitening (with professional hygienic tretment) 185 GBP / 215 EUR

Dental hygienic treatment (mouth hygiene)          40 GBP /  55 EUR

Composite INLAY/ ONLAY         105 GBP / 120 EUR

Ceramic INLAY/ ONLAY         139 GBP / 159 EUR

Mini implant                 180 GBP / 205 EUR

Root canal treatment (per canal)                  from  50 GBP / 57 EUR

Implant(screw- Swiss Implant Systems) from 359 GBP / 429 EUR

Implant (complete price with crown)          from 689 GBP / 789 EUR


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  • +48 660 225 918 (PL)
    +44 770 009 52 08 (UK)
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For your comfort we will support you with:

Airport transfer

Airport transfer

Transport individually organized from and to the airport.

Care assistant 24/7

Care assistant 24/7

You will have the care assistant at your disposal during your stay in Cracow.

Welcome package

Welcome package

You will get a welcome packet containing the most important information (maps, telephone numbers, addresses, etc.)

Mobile phone to support contact with us

Mobile phone to support contact with us

You can request a mobile phone with Polish number and SIM card.

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A great range of options offering you a high standard of dental treatment...»


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